Joelle Prochera is an executive coach, speaker, facilitator and consultant committed to bringing humanity, compassion and fun back into the workplace.

Joelle believes that the key to building and maintaining healthy, productive and financially successful organizations is through the caring for and development of people.

Joelle works with leaders and teams to see beyond what constrains them in their situation, to identify what it is they really want and to powerfully go out and get it. She says, "From a place of true leadership, a person can take total responsibility for their situation, their results and their experience of work and life. With this ownership and responsibility for one's own situation comes immense power to go after and achieve your desired results."

Joelle's core value is authenticity. She believes that "it is only when we bring our whole selves to work that we can lead with ease, joy and an unprecedented level of success." She says, "Often, really showing up as yourself seems risky. It requires you to be vulnerable, to be real and be open to having the difficult conversations. However, it is through being fully expressed that you can become a masterful leader who produces extraordinary results."

Making a Difference for Her Clients

Through coaching, Joelle's clients have reported a "significantly increased comfort and confidence in [their] leadership role", the ability to "face potential conflict situations without becoming defensive or working from ulterior motives", "decreased personal stress" and "increased self confidence... leading to quicker decision making and more effective communication."

Joelle's work as a presenter and facilitator with teams and large groups, delivers a unique dynamic to our customers. "Moving", "inspiring", "a real authentic person", "genuine, thoughtful, caring and passionate" are some of the comments from participants in Joelle's group sessions. Joelle has the ability to "create an immediate shift in the group" and her participants reap the results; "people are (now) fulfilling their commitments"; "it is amazing how much better we all work together"; "team meetings have significantly improved regarding communication, efficiency and productivity"; "we are all working together on projects rather than against each other."

Professional Background

In addition to being a Certified Coach, Joelle is a dynamic and effective business leader. Joelle spent 9 years with Manpower Inc., in Canada and the United States, where she developed expertise in staff management, sales, operations, human resources and customer service. Upon Joelle's departure from Manpower, her office was ranked 5th in the United States and she was acknowledged as a "powerful leader of people, full of integrity... [having a] profound and lasting impact on the Arizona area". Joelle also created and delivered the first Executive Coaching service offering in the United States for Manpower customers and her internal implementation of coaching within the Arizona area significantly contributed to a 28% increase in the area's Employee Satisfaction Survey.

Joelle sees herself as a living example of the impact masterful coaching can have on a life. While she is always up for a new adventure, some of her old favorites include dancing, singing karaoke, being in nature, working out and spending time with the "Girls Club". She is living the dream in Tempe, Arizona with her two cats Lucky and Linguine.

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