Passion: Living on the edge of leading edge conversations

Integrity: The foundation of keeping our word and managing our promises

Authentic Relationships: A willingness to speak straight allowing for extraordinary relationships and trust

Creativity: To generate and call forth the value of inventive thinking, play, risk, and spontaneous ideas

Freedom: Being fully alive and self expressed, creating unlimited possibilities with ease

Leadership: To inspire, cause and arouse risk, full communication, outrageous results, and greatness in all people

Abundance: An allowing for unlimited resources

Honor: The state of having great renown, integrity and unshakable character

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Meet Our Team

Interested in learning more about the people who make up RunRhino? We've got bios of RunRhino's President and CEO Sandor Kovacs and our executive coaches Joelle Prochera and Kim Zilliox, among others.

About Our Services

RunRhino's services are intended for executives and entrepreneurs, business teams, and both small and large organizations.

Our customized trainings for companies have been on a variety of subjects, including: effective communication, sales, project management and leadership. Our coaching services are highly regarded and have a track record of proven results.