"Sandor Kovacs was introduced to Premier at a very difficult time in its' history. Although very successful financially, with great client retention, Premier was in the early stages of a transition from a practice with three principles to a corporation with long term sustainability. The interpersonal struggles were very visible, from the principles on down.

"Sandor coached us from crises to stability, to a company which stands for its' and every team members' greatness. Through my relationship and coaching with Sandor, my personal leadership skills have grown dramatically with all of the corresponding benefits.

"While having Sandor work with us, the focus has been on creating powerful professional relationships, a powerful team, effective communication, effective meetings, leadership with backbone, employee satisfaction and advancement through personal accountability. Results include reduced employee turnover, increased employee satisfaction, employee advancement, more competent managers, greater relationships with senior staff resulting in the organization increasing in assets under management by over 50%."

— Wayne O. Caldwell, President, Premier Financial Group

"Shedding some of my old habits and obtaining a new approach brings some newness back to a sales call, which is a new challenge for me..."

"Wow! I learned so much — from personal skills to self-talk to overcoming objections."

"How to listen to what our customers are really saying."

"How to stop chatter in head and be at place of openness and listening without judgment."

"I learned most about what type of observer I am and how to handle any difficult situation by being a good listener."

"How to be in a conversation with a customer to fully understand what their concerns and values are."

— Responses from Comerica Bank sales training

"I was in a situation that I needed to make a change. Not only a change in industry but a change in how I viewed my abilities and hence how much I was worth. Thanks to you I was able to make a total industry change in a difficult job market, find a job that fit all of my criteria, increase my total compensation by over $50,000 in the first year and allow me to see what I was worth and what I wanted to do. In addition, even though we are no longer working together, I have taken your coaching and applied it to my goals and objectives with my new company and in the first 90 days I closed my first deal worth $3.5 million dollars which qualified me for President Club in one deal. Thank for giving me the tools that I can use for the rest of my life!"

— Brian Fowler, National Account Executive, Ceridian Corporation

"Just a few lines to let you know, In our opinion from Tucson City Center the impact you had at our National Sales Meeting. We often refer back to the time you spent with us and it's always a positive thing. Our sales team all agrees it was one of the best National Sales Meetings we have ever had. Thank you so much for your time and we hope to see you in the future."

—Sales Manager, InnSuites Hotel Tucson City Center

"Joelle Prochera's coaching creates possibilities. Her fresh perspectives help clients move beyond thought patterns based on past experiences to create a new and positive future. She listens, supports, synthesizes and confronts... always constructively and with a deft touch. Her focus on personal honesty and responsibility helps motivate new approaches and positive outcomes for her clients."

— Director, Executive Education, W.P.Carey School of Business, Arizona State University

"As a result of Joelle's involvement, we are now experiencing an invigorated board, eager to create positive results. Her coaching segments brought a level of self-awareness to each member, making this perhaps the single greatest impact to the board."

— Executive Director, Assistance for Independent Living

"Sandor is a fantastic coach. In the initial stages of getting my business going, there were times I wanted to give up. He challenged me to embrace my strengths and take action. His encouragement and the work we did led me to take a very important strategic turn in my business that had me become profitable and viable. Since then my client portfolio has grown, my revenue has increased five-fold, and I am far more confident. He is direct, insightful, and has incredible mastery in the areas he trains me in. His challenging me and working as a partner in my success has facilitated the moving of my business to the next level."

— Marysia Czarski, President, The Velocity Training Group

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