Here are examples of some of the results we've produced with our customers. For information on further client projects and successes, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Premier Financial Group

While working with the President and the executive team, the focus was on creating powerful professional relationships, a powerful team, effective communication, effective meetings, authentic leadership, employee satisfaction and advancement through personal accountability. Results include reduced employee turnover, increased employee satisfaction, employee advancement, more competent managers, greater relationships with senior staff and an increase in assets under management by over 50%. Visit their website:

Alameda Property Group

Southern New Mexico's leading commercial real estate firm with comprehensive brokerage, consulting and investment sales. They provide services for property portfolios exceeding $100 million dollars. RunRhino worked with the company in creating a strategic plan, developing leadership capabilities, effective meetings, effective communication and management. Results included having a team committed to being accountable for their results, greater relationships with vendors and clients, and establishing themselves in their community as the premier development company to do business with. Visit their website:

Bank of Alameda

Provided customer service training which resulted in the bank being awarded in the Fall 2003 issue of Bay Area Consumers’ CHECKBOOK, an overall 88% customer service satisfaction rating thus receiving the magazine's highest rating. Visit their website:

Comerica Bank

Trained 110 branch managers, financial service reps and VP’s from 44 branches on selling banking services and products effectively on the phone. During the sales training participants made real time sales calls resulting in closing over one million dollars in sales during the five 2-day trainings. Visit their website:

Duran HCP

Trained and implemented a sales process for staffing and payroll services while working with the president, business development, operations and business services resulting in the sales team having the highest monthly revenue in the companies 10 year history, two new payroll clients, and the hiring of new staff. Visit their website:


In 2003-2004 RunRhino began working with the Manpower branch in Tempe, Arizona, to develop leadership ability in management, impact culture and employee satisfaction and, increase sales. The branch was consistently coming in under target, the team was demoralized and the operations were lacking systems, tracking and accountability. During the course of working with RunRhino this team produced the following:

  • Net operating profits increased 580% in the month of April 2004 over the same month for the prior year
  • Net operating profit year to date was 446% over the prior year, year to date
  • Net operating profit was 47% over projected target
  • Placed in the top 100 offices out of over 2000 offices nation wide during Manpower’s global sales day event
  • 5th ranked branch in the nation for performance over projected profit
  • Implemented the first executive coaching services in North America leading to providing coaching services to Manpower's customers
  • RunRhino's coaching directly impacted a 28% increase in employee satisfaction
  • Other results include positive attrition through employee development and promotion
  • Created a culture of teamwork, cooperation, play, sensible competition, accountability and a sense of accomplishment
Visit their national website:

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